Pan India Masters Games Federation


DATES: 10th, 11th, & 12th MAY 2024.

Selection Trail for PAN-PACIFIC masters games-2024, SHKODRA Albania, Europe

Last date for Registration: 29th FEBRUARY 2024


Albania Master
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Badminton, Table tennis, Tennis

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NOTE : 1. There will be 100% Entry Fee Rebate on 80+ age category 2. Entry Fee will be non-refundable.
Rules and Regulations :
01. Minimum 4 Teams must be there in the Team Games & 4 Participants must be there in the Individual Events
02. If Less than 4 Teams / 4 Participants are there in any Game / Events in that particular age category, then they must participate in the lower age category. (Except age 80+ and above)
03. Participant’s age cut-off date will be 31-10-2023.
04. FOOD: Organizers will provide subsidiary food for all the participants for all the two days. rd
05. ACCREDITATION: Collection of BIB (chest) numbers, food coupons, will be issued on 3 November 2023 from 10 am onwards at R.N. Shetty Stadium, Dharwad. Note: No SPOT Entry will be entertained in any disciplines.
For confirmation of your registration, an athlete has to pay Rs. 20,000/-(Non-refundable) including Registration fees for 4 events and Athletes WELCOME PARTY, and PIMGF fees.
Visa Fees will be borne by an athlete separately during their VISA interview.
Athletes’ WELCOME PARTY on 24th May 2024, organized by Albania Masters Athletics Association.

Approximate expenditure for this trip will be Rs. 1,40,000/- (One Lakh Forty Thousand) excluding local conveyance and food. It includes Athletes’ one-day sightseeing, Sports kit (including Blazer), Hotel accommodation for 7 nights and 8 days, Travel Insurance, Airport Transport and Airfare from New Delhi to Albania and back. If airfare goes higher than Rs.80,000/- it will be borne by the participant.
An Athlete can Participate in 5 Events
1 Event - Rs 300/-
2 Event - Rs 600/-
3. Event - Rs 900/-
4. Event - Rs 1200/-
5. Event - Rs 1500/-
One Swimmer can Participate in 5 Events
1 Event - Rs 300/-
2 Event - Rs 600/-
3. Event - Rs 900/-
4. Event - Rs 1200/-
5. Event - Rs 1500/-
Per Team of 10 Players
Singles: Rs 800/-,
Doubles : Rs 1400/-,
Mixed Doubles: Rs 1400/-
Singles: Rs 500/-,
Doubles : Rs 1000/-,
Mixed Doubles: Rs 1000/-