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DATES: 25TH jUNE to 09th JULY 2023.

Last date for Registration: 20th April 2023

After a great successful of 2 overseas championships at Thailand and Sydney, Australia, we are happy to inform you that European Masters Games 2023 will be held at Tampere, Finland, from 26th June to 09th July 2023. Pan India Masters Games Federation will be sending a strong Indian Contingent for the following games.

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Badminton, Table tennis, Tennis

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For confirmation of your Registration, the participant has to pay Rs. 25,000/-(Twenty Five Thousand) advance as Registration Fees and PIMGF fees. If Visa rejects Entry fee of 150 Euros will be refunded(excluding international charges).

Approximate expenditure for this trip will be Rs. 1,67,500/-(One Lakh Sixty Seven Thousand Five Hundred only) excluding local conveyance and food. It includes Airfare, accommodation for 8 nights, EMG entry fees, PIMGF fees, Visa fees, and Sports Kit. If airfare goes up higher than 75,000/- it will be borne by the participant.

Issuance of Visa is sole discretion of European Embassy. PIMGF can help you with documentations, but it depends upon your credentials.

Payment Slots : 1)For confirmation of registration, player has to pay Rs. 25,000/-
2)For Visa processing : Rs. 12,500/-
3)Once Visa confirmed : Rs. 1,30,000/-
Procedure To Send The Entries :
1)All the participants to register through our official website Send your entry details through Email :
2) All the entries should be accompanied by the valid Passport.
Money should be deposited to out Federation Bank Account :
PAN INDIA MASTERS GAMES FEDERATION, A/C No. : 574 6101 431. IFSC Code : KKBK0008034 Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Branck : Yelahanka, Bangalore 1.EMG Participant Registration Fee : Rs. 20,000/-
2.EMG Supporter Registration Fee : Rs. 10,000/-
3.PIMGF Fees: Rs. 5000/-
4.Visa fee (Non-refundable) : Rs. 12,500/-
5.Air Ticket Delhi or Mumbai - Helsinki - Delhi or Mumbai & Helsinki to Tampere to Helsinki Train Ticket : Rs. 75,000/-
6.Accomodation : Helsinki, 2 Nights & Tampere 6 Nights = 8 Nights (Service apartments with Kitchen) : Rs. 40,000/-
7.Indian Sports Kit : Rs. 10,000/-
8.Airport Transport : 5,000/-
Total : 1,67,500/-